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Best in Class: The Global Debit Cards Index

The Global Debit Cards Index

Author: Lafferty research

Publishing date: December 2015

Lafferty's Best in Class series of reports provides you with everything you want to find out, fast, about the cards business. Why is Profit Per Card higher in Country X than in Country Y? Which markets are the best on receivables? Some banks are finding remarkable profits, some not: how is that? Best in Class: The Global Credit Cards Index and Best in Class: The Global Debit Cards Index have the answers.

Best in Class leverages Lafferty Global Research's incredible benchmarking powers, telling you where banks have learned to make money out of credit cards. Learn the lessons revealed by Lafferty's careful study different markets. Learn best practice in other countries to better your own performance.

The reports use Lafferty Global Research's unparalleled data on 72 global cards markets to reveal the characteristics of 'best in class' markets. Markets are ranked according to a suite of more than 50 unique metrics on a global and regional level.

Global Debit Cards Index
The global debit card market has grown at an incredible rate with the number of cards in issue doubling between 2008 and 2015. Although debit cards do not generate as much direct revenue for issuers as credit cards, their importance in no less significant. Greater use of debit cards at the POS means that retail banks retain a stronger deposit base and costs associated with operating an ATM network are reduced. The Global Debit Cards Index will help you to understand the features of 72 global debit card markets.

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