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Best Practices in Credit Cards & Consumer Lending -- save 50 percent!

Balanced decisions through the credit cycle

Author: Chris Hoyland

Publishing date: April 2011

The overall aim of this report is to improve our understanding of how to manage consumer loan portfolios.

Best Practices in Credit Cards and Consumer Lending tackles a potentially difficult subject in a manner that is both thorough and accessible while bringing together, for the first time, previously conflicting elements of the risk and revenue trade-off.

Difficult concepts are explained clearly and simply without retreating into jargon and the outcome is an explanation of the consumer lending world which is at the same time reassuring to non-technical consumer bankers — often giving credence and precision to their experience and intuition — while also allowing quantitative analysts to play a more complete role in everyday decision making.

With over 250 pages, Best Practices in Credit Cards and Consumer Lending is an indispensible guide to bringing harmony into the fragmented understanding of how to manage a consumer lending portfolio or a consumer lending business.

It recognises the huge range of different talents required to make a consumer lending business successful while acknowledging that those holding their own specialist skill set frequently don't have a firm understanding of the skills of their business colleagues and the challenges they face.


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